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Looking for health coaching or a health consultant?

Do you have health goals of:

  • Increase Energy?
  • Improve Sleep?
  • Reduce Blood Pressure?
  • Reduce Cholesterol?
  • Stabilize Blood Sugar?
  • Reduce Arthritis Pain?
  • Lose Weight?
  • Improve Stress Management?
  • Reduce Hormonal Issues?
  • Improve Heart Health?

We can help you achieve your health goals.

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health coaching

Kathy Crawford

MSW, Certified Health Coach, and Owner of Let’s Get Healthy

I am very passionate about helping you achieve your health goals after my own personal transformation. About 4 years ago, I was over 100 pounds overweight, took oral meds and 2 shots a day of insulin for diabetes, struggled with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, arthritis, and I had even had a heart attack.

I had tried many ways to improve my health, but nothing worked . . . until I found this program. I lost 110 pounds and improved my health immensely, but it was so much more than that. I no longer stayed on the sidelines in my life. I began to enjoy life more. This program truly saved my life. I had met my weight loss goal and was excited to move on to the next part of my journey when I encountered a detour.

Two weeks after I met my weight loss goal, I was diagnosed with breast cancer . . . and I was so grateful. Grateful that they were able to find the cancer early, and that I no longer had any health issues that would interfere with my treatment. I made it through my surgery, chemo and radiation pretty easily.

Although life never quite gets back to “normal” after cancer, I was able to get back to work on adding new healthy habits to my life. When I started my health journey, I could barely walk around the block. Now, I walk about 5-8 miles every day, and am healthier than I have ever been in my adult life.

I am looking forward to getting to know about you and what you want to accomplish with your health. I will walk alongside of you to help you meet your goals.